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    The minimum number of credits to be completed is 128 credits, including 30 credits of compulsory electives prescribed by the school, 6 credits of common core courses of the college, 42 compulsory credits of majors, and 50 credits of electives of majors.
    3 credits of second foreign language courses are required before graduation. The second foreign language course includes Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, German and Thai offered by the Foreign Language Education Center of the school, Japanese and French offered by the Department of Foreign Languages ​​and Literature, and professional Japanese offered by the Department of Leisure Industry and Health Promotion.
    Before graduation, you must obtain any interdisciplinary credit program, double major or supplementary department established or recognized by the School of Humanities and Management.
There are 50 credits of specialization courses, of which 3 credits can be freely studied for courses other than the bachelor's degree program.

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